African Union Rescues Somali Parliamentarians?


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I’ve begun a bi-monthly gig guest-blogging at, the personal website of Captain Patrick Truffer of the Swiss Army. Here’s my first installment:


Two years after U.S. and Ethiopian forces invaded Somalia and deposed the ruling Islamic Courts regime, Islamists now are back in control of the East African country. Islamists’ reconquest of Somalia represents the failure of the Bush Administration’s “proxy” strategy for waging the “war on terror” in Africa, using armies such as Ethiopia’s to do most of the fighting. Despite a lack of strong evidence, the Bush Administration had accused the Islamic Courts of colluding with Al Qaeda — and used that to justify supporting the Ethiopian invasion. By contrast, today’s dominant Islamic group, Al Shabab, truly has been radicalized by two years of insurgent warfare and publicly has proclaimed its alignment with Al Qaeda’s global jihad.

During their one-year rule over much of Somalia, the Islamic Courts had welcomed foreign investment in Somalia. Al Shabab has been much less open to foreigners. Two Western journalists were abducted by Al-Shabab fighters outside Mogadishu in August and are being held for ransom.

Al Shabab, the Islamic Courts and other Islamic groups had made steady gains in southern and central Somalia for more than a year before their final conquest. As many as 50,000 Ethiopian troops, plus a few thousand African Union peacekeepers, were the only things propping up the corrupt, U.S.- and U.N.-backed Transitional Federal Government, which counted many former warlords among its members of parliament. Weary of war, the Ethiopians in the fall of 2008 announced their intention to withdraw from the country. As Ethiopians withdrew, the Islamists advanced. By early 2009, the TFG controlled just the parliamentary seat in Baidoa and few blocks of Mogadishu.

Ethiopian troops left Mogadishu in mid January and Baidoa on Monday, completing their withdrawal from the country. In Baidoa, there was panic as members of parliament tried to make their ways to Djibouti, where the TFG has established a government in exile. Somali sources say some parliamentarians traded weapons for safe passage through TFG territory. Similarly, there were reports that the African Union provided aircraft to speed top TFG officials out of Somalia.

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