Video Tour of USS Freedom


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She’s 3,000 tons and 100,000 horsepower of high-speed, high-tech mission-module fun — and the future of the U.S. Navy as it retools to combat pirates, seaborne insurgents and natural disasters. Accompany Operations Officer Tony Hyde on a tour of the USS Freedom, the very first Littoral Combat Ship, as she lays over in Quebec City en route to Virginia.


4 Responses to “Video Tour of USS Freedom

  1. Foreign.Boy says:

    Why was ‘she’ in quebec?

  2. leesea says:

    What missin modules were installed on the LCS-1? Did the UAV fly off the ship?

    The USN is not “retooling” for any of the missions you listed. Your caption is pure hyperbole

  3. [...] In the late 1990s, the U.S. Navy decided it needed a small, cheap vessel to extended its reach into crowded, chaotic near-shore “littorals.” The result was the Littoral Combat Ship, a 3,000-ton warship roughly the size of a European corvette. The Navy contracted with two companies to build competing LCS designs: Lockheed Martin’s mono-hull USS Freedom (pictured) began trials in 2008; General Dynamic’s trimaran USS Independence will do so this year. [...]

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