Insurgents’ Motorcycles of Doom: Bombed!


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afghan-motorbike-tarin-kowt-june-15-2007.JPGOn October 22, “in the vicinity of Morghab, [Afghanistan,] an Air Force B-1B Lancer dropped Guided Bomb Unit-31s and GBU-38s onto a group of enemy fighters on motorcycles firing against coalition forces,” the Air Force reported last week. “A JTAC [air controller] reported the mission successful.”

This is not the first time insurgents have tooled around on motorcycles. In October 2004 in Iraq, a suicide bomber on a motorcycle pulled up alongside a rig driven by Staff Sergeant Jerome Lemon of the 1052nd Transportation Company. The resulting explosion killed the bomber and Lemon.

Meanwhile, in East Timor, thugs employed by rival political parties roar through the capital city of Dili, converging for brief, violent clashes — and disperse into the city when U.N. cops mobilize.

Back to the B-1B attack: Reading between the lines, we can assume the B-1 that took out the motorcyclists of doom was one of those newly fitted with a Sniper targeting pod, which allows the supersonic bomber for the first time to spot and designate its own targets — boosting its ability to hit moving targets.

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  1. Patton says:

    I swear, that’s a unit from C&C Generals, my favorite RTS game. I’m not even kidding. The Combat Cycle. Weird.

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