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When recently I defended Russia against the increasingly alarmist anti-Russia rhetoric coming out of Washington, an anonymous blogger called me a “Kremlin dupe.” The ensuing debate generated enough heat that Russian TV news network Channel One called requesting an interview. Channel One is widely considered highly pro-Moscow in a media environment where almost everyone is at least somewhat pro-Moscow, for to oppose Moscow is to be harassed, arrested, maybe even killed.

I said yes to the interview, and it’s slated for Thursday, to broadcast later. For the record, I am not being paid. (Quite the contrary: I have to take valuable time out of my workday for the interview.) And while I am soft on the West’s approach to Russia, I am hard on press freedom, and if asked, I will tell my Channel One interviewers what I really think about Russia’s media.

“You’re going to make enemies,” my interviewer told me on the phone today. He was referring to anti-Russian hawks who might catch the interview and agree that I’m a Kremlin dupe. But I’m equally likely to win enemies from Russia boosters who want allies in the Western media, but aren’t comfortable being reminded that Russia’s own media is, for most part, duped.

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13 Responses to “Axe, Russian Shill, Goes Shilling”

  1. madtom says:

    That sounds great, try and get your name on the Christmas card list.

  2. Jim says:

    Remember to interview them while you are being interviewed. Keep up the good work, not all of the press can be shills, but the way they look, it must be much more profitable. Just as not all the readers believe in the tooth fairy government.
    Be cool, be smooth, be on target.

  3. Mike Kay says:

    Good luck, and beware of the creative video-editing; request review prior to broadcast.

  4. Toaf says:

    I’d like to see that. I hope a podcast or transcript will be available down the track.

  5. David Axe says:


    Of course.

  6. TCHe says:

    That’s the best thing to do. Delivering a differentiated analysis and taking fire from both sides!
    Unfortunately all too often people only care to hear what they wanna hear in the first place, though.

  7. J West says:

    1. Even aging militarist toads like myself aren’t buying full reestablishment of the “threat.”
    2. If you’ve done any post 1990 reading on the subject at all, you know that many of the capabilities we attributed to the USSR were alarmist imaginings.
    3. Our intell sucked in depth and detail.
    4. Still seems to.
    5. Doubt your interviewers will be satisfied with their take.
    Best regards,
    J West

  8. Your approach and altitude is the right one. Keep up with the good work.

  9. David Axe hates freedom. Got it.

  10. Brian H says:

    Make sure you absorb Totten’s info on the invasion. The Russian violation of the borders began a day or two before the Georgians attempted to close the tunnel and borders by going through its own territory, South Ossetia.

    Cause precedes effect. Except in the Russian universe.

  11. Grandjester says:

    Nice knowin’ ya Daivd.

    I would suggest wearing Polonuim proof shorts from here on.

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