Abducted Somalia Journalists, Moved to Moga?


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Last month gunmen apparently associated with Somalia’s Al-Shabab insurgent group abducted three journalists — an Aussie (Nigel Brennan pictured), a Canadian and a Somali — plus their assistants, in Mogadishu. A few weeks later, the kidnappers issued a demand: $2.5 million for the journos’ safe release.

At that time, my contacts in Somalia reported that the abductees were being held in Jowhar, 50 miles from Mogadishu. Now my sources say they’ve been moved — back to Mogadishu! “For sure the two journalists are safe and secure at Bakara market,” I am told. “The lady was ordered to wear [a] veil to cover [her] body.”

Back to Mogadishu — back to where the action is — back to where there’s an international airport and there are foreign peacekeepers. Does this mean a handover is about to take place?

(Photo: via Radio Australia)

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