David Axe: Sleeping Through the World’s Wars


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If there’s one skill I’ve perfecting in my four years as a war correspondent, it’s how to sleep anytime, anywhere. Give me a chair or a flat surface and four or five minutes of inactivity, and I’ll go right to sleep. Doesn’t matter if I’m at a refugee camp surrounded by screaming starving babies, on the edges of a firefight or at an Al Qaeda leadership meeting, as documented by my buddy Chris Albon of War & Health.


4 Responses to “David Axe: Sleeping Through the World’s Wars”

  1. BWJones says:

    Yep, that is funny stuff right there.

  2. James says:

    Looks like you had too much of their ‘Bong’

  3. Chris Albon says:

    I figured the image was an appropriate tribute to his sleeping skills. In a single day I found Axe napping:

    1. In the hanger bay while waiting for the helo.
    2. On the helo.
    3. On the bus to the school.
    4. In the back of the school’s auditorium.
    5. On the bus to the beach.
    6. On the beach waiting for the LCU
    7. On the LCU

  4. Scathsealgaire says:

    You have picked up the skills of a veteran.
    “Sleep, anywhere, anytime.”

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