Welcome, Chad’s Lizard Overlords


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david-axe-gore-southern-chad-july-9-2008.jpgMy official authorizations from the Chadian government permit me to travel and report on most subjects in most of the country. As well they should – getting these permits cost me hundreds of dollars in “unofficial fees.”

But some things are off-limits. According to my “Authorization to Photograph and Film,” I am prohibited from taking pictures of military bases, federal buildings and … wildlife.



After a month of carjackings, kidnappings, gunfights, sweltering heat, driving sandstorms, paralyzing rain, mosquitoes, bad food and unsightly facial-hair growth (pictured), I’m finally leaving Chad.


In parting, I’d like to present this humble middle finger to the Chadian government and its cronies. Here are all the pictures I took of top-secret wildlife during my all-too-long stay in this miserable little country.


In reviewing the photos, it occurs to me perhaps why the government doesn’t want me taking pictures of animals. The lizards here are more numerous, and far more energetic, than the people. With a little organizing and some charismatic leadership, the reptiles would own this place. I think President Idriss Deby knows it … and doesn’t want the world to see just how fragile his human regime is.

I for one welcome Chad’s future lizard overlords. They can’t possibly do any worse than the people.

(Photos: me)


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  1. coray says:

    hail the lizards!

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