Don’t Go to Biltine


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“Don’t go to Biltine,” one aid worker told us.

“Oh, Biltine’s fine,” the U.N. said.

“Biltine? Are you nuts?” EUFOR said.

We needed to go to Biltine, a regional center, to seek the governor’s blessing to continue our work. The road between Abeche and Biltine saw some of the early fighting between rebels and the Chadian army a couple weeks back. A crashed Mi-24 Hind helicopter lies beside the road. Rumors of rebels persisted.

Off we went in a rented Range Rover. The road was like a collapsing roller coaster. But no rebels in sight unless you count angry cows blocking the road or hopeful hitchhikers grinning and waving.

Governor Ramadan had a loaded pistol on his desk. He plied us with Pepsi, cigarettes and lamb stew then happily signed our passes. We indulged him during his long rant about how Al Qaeda is trying to “Islamify” all of Africa.

The rebels are apparently back in Sudan. Hell can get back to normal now.


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  1. Chuck T says:

    Ummm can we have some content here? Maybe? Could you write us a little story? Not trying to sound like a dick here,, but,, dont expect people to give you money for your next adventure if this is the kind of reporting you are going to do. Hell you have a photographer,,, give him a page!! At least show us whats going on. Do something with that badass Nokia you have. Hell I would not be suprised if Nokia asked for their phone back. Its not like you are doing anything with it. I dunno man, it dont even seem like your even trying to go thru the motions.

  2. David Axe says:


    Dude. You’re a jerk. I’m in CHAD. The other day there was a freaking battle outside my guesthouse. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get internet access here? Besides, I’ve been posting almost every day … and there are still 3 weeks to go. So relax.

    As for Qik — it just doesn’t work very well here: too much of a bandwidth hog. Qik was an experiment … and perhaps a failed one. I’m still trying, but it’s just not working out.

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