Abeche Bound


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I’ve got my photographer, my authorizations and a flight to Abeche in eastern Chad, headquarters for the massive aid effort and for Chad’s fight against the rebels. Now the fun starts.


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  1. Josh SN says:

    Do you speak Fur or Zagawa?

    Do me a favor and ask people the range of languages they speak. I’ll surmise it maps pretty well to their political beliefs.

    Also figure out where people are getting their news. Tiny sets with bad reception on a shelf in a fly-infested eatery? A local newspaper??

    Good luck in Abeche! Wish I were there, too.

  2. My Father-in-Law was deployed in ABECHE thirty-five years ago. At that time, it was yet the remote and hot area you described. There were plenty of french troops, wearing the same short… except that it was not the camo version :)
    How about Afghanistan?
    Stéphane TAILLAT

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