Navy Bosses Losing Credibility


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When U.S. Navy officials tell Congress they have confidence in their shipbuilding cost projections, lawmakers don’t believe them.

When flag officers say they’ve got enough money for maintenance, fleet sailors (pictured) wonder why high-tech warships aren’t combat ready.

When top admirals say they have a new maritime strategy, analysts struggle to match it with the shipbuilding plan.

When business strategies override operational needs, officers wonder if they’re war fighters or executives.

Navy leaders are suffering from a credibility gap — with Congress, with industry and, increasingly, with the fleet.

Read Chris Cavas’ scathing report at Defense News.

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  1. mohammed says:

    great article/editorial.

    I believe the reason for the navy’s problems are the decades of naval dominance corroding the structure from the inside. No competition and the service is a corrupt, rotten organization. Same for the Air Force.

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