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Just caught Hour Six of PBS’s Carrier documentary. One word: awesome. Sure, the Navy brass has been freaking out over the thing — but that’s only because this show has the balls to be complicated, funny and dark, in addition to putting the usual hardware and platitudes on display. Watch. And Navy: relax. This show makes you look good, because it makes you look real.

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  1. FooMan says:

    flashback time!
    I thought the part about the clown with mouth and the racial epithets was almost funny, aboard a small boy this clown probably would have been down in the refer flats having a little “counseling session” with a couple of petty officers long before it ever got to the officers. If you had mouthed off to a PO (petty officer) like that on liberty the PO would probably knock you on your ass and no one would have said a word. You can think it but do not speak about it! The PO was right in trying to get the asshole to shut his mouth but the clown was not fixable and thought he was getting over on the system. Trust me the big gray machine when it finally gets in motion to get rid of problem can screw someone up. I am not and African American, nor a screw up but I think that most of the time the Zero’s (ocifers) should let the blue shirts take care of the problems like that on their own. If they couldn’t save the clown then get rid of him. Doesn’t necessarily make it right but it is effective and saved on a lot of the unnecessary bull-pucky.

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