Bad Year for Bombers (Updated)


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1906271812_9c6f98f10d_o.jpgHot on the heels of February’s B-2 bomber crash on Guam, a USAF B-1 bomber has crashed at an air base in Qatar, most likely Al Udeid, the A.P. reports. “A B-1 crashed. We’re investigating,” an Air Force official said. There’s no word on the crew.

The B-2 crash was the type’s first, and took out a full five percent of the fleet. Today’s crash is the ninth for the currently 70-strong B-1 fleet. Prior to today, 17 people had died in B-1 accidents.

While crashes are a fact of life in the Air Force, you can’t help wonder if the recent spate of accidents isn’t putting pressure on the Air Force to get serious about its so-called “2018 bomber.”

Update 20:37 EST:

Fire erupted as the plane taxied after landing at al Udeid Air Base around 1:10 p.m. EDT after what the Air Force described as “a ground incident.” “The crew evacuated the aircraft and is safe. The fire was contained,” the Air Force said in a statement.

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  1. [...] The B-1 that crashed today was just one of roughly 10 currently deployed to Al Udeid in Qatar to provide air cover for coalition troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. [...]

  2. Bob says:

    If you read the updates in this post, you’ll find out that the B-1B did not crash and no crew members were lost. Contrary to initial reports, the B-1B caught fire while taxiing after landing and all crew members evacuated safely.

  3. [...] First the Air Force said it was a “crash.” Then a spokesperson downgraded the incident to a fire that “was contained.” Now newspapers are reporting that last week’s accident involving a B-1 bomber at Al Udeid in Qatar was more serious than a simple blaze: A spokesman for the Al Udeid Air Base told the Gulf Times that the Ellsworth [S.D.-based] B-1, which was landing after a combat mission, caught fire and the blaze set off the munitions onboard, leading to a series of explosions. [...]

  4. robert says:

    what was the tail number

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