African Union Invades … the Comoros?


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_44512483_tanzanians_ap416b.jpg“The African Union launched an invasion of a separatist-controlled island off the coast of Mozambique last week in part, to bolster the multilateral organization’s image abroad,” reports World Politics Review:

Around 1,300 AU troops joined 400 Comorian government troops to oust Col. Mohamed Bacar from Anjouan, one of the three islands that make up the Union of the Comoros. In a one-day fight, the AU-Comorian troops gained full control of the island, and Bacar fled to French-controlled Mayotte, the other island on the Comorian archipelago. The only problem for the AU was that hardly anyone noticed the successful mission.

Which is too bad, since besides being an object lesson in the A.U.’s growing military prowess, the Comoros are a weird, hilarious place that has the sad distinction of having been conquered four times by an angry Frenchman and his goons.


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