East Timor: Manhunt’s Back On


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Last year East Timor presidential candidate Jose Ramos Horta promised to call off an Australian-led manhunt for charismatic rebel leader Alfredo Reinado. The move helped Horta win the election. Last week, Reinado shot and nearly killed Horta, and died in the process. Now the manhunt’s back on. Aussie, Kiwi and Timorese troops are in the jungles searching for Reinado’s remaining troops, according to the Associated Press. What this will mean for Horta’s fragile government … and for the Aussie troops who’ve managed to avoid major bloodshed in their ongoing Timor operations … remains to be seen.


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  1. thr says:

    Word is, despite the Australian SAS being seemingly over stretched in Afghanistan, they are the ones who are seeking these soldiers.

    In short, if the politics allows it (and in the aftermath of the Horta near killing) then the rules of engagement will allow a “shoot first” policy, where this was not the case previously.

    I’d say these rebels have a problem. A “who dares wins” kinda problem.


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