Somalia Journal, Day Eighteen: So Long, Africa!


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imgp3907.jpgEveryone said I’d die if I went to Somalia. I lost my job, I maxed out a couple credit cards and I nearly started a riot at a Mogadishu movie theater. But I didn’t die. I celebrated my survival yesterday in Nairobi with a big wet kiss from this giraffe.

Somalia: so what’s it all about? It’s about how divisive internal politics can prevent the resolution of a conflict that pretty much everyone agrees must end. It’s about how war and famine combine to create a spiraling humanitarian crisis that few in the world seem to care about. But mostly it’s about how the U.S. aims to fight wars in Africa — by proxy — and how these proxy wars might have the same result as our misguided invasion of Iraq. Instead of destroying Islamic extremists, pre-emptive wars often breed them.

Speaking of Iraq: I’m off to London en route to Basra, where I will be covering the staged British withdrawal, which you might view as a prototype for the eventual U.S. departure.

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Somalia pics
Sounds of the Somali aid crisis
Mogadishu’s wheeled battlecruisers
Somalia’s mystery weapons
A.U. Patrols Moga
Sounds of African Peacekeeping


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  1. [...] It’s hard to follow this story for a lot of reasons, not just because virtually every source is unreliable. Increasingly, it’s difficult for any reporters to operate in Mogadishu, or Somalia as a whole. According to David Axe, who wrote an excellent series of posts from Mogadishu, “Pretty much every one of Mogadishu’s roughly 100 independent media workers has been arrested for reporting on the fighting – some for days, some for weeks.” In a longer piece for the Columbia Journalism Review, he reports that the TFG is systematically harrassing journalists, attempting to quash any reports of fighting in the city or refugees fleeing. [...]

  2. Bill Reese says:

    When one is writing about what he sees in Somolia and then has to add his own thought on Iraq like the following quote, “these proxy wars might have the same result as our misguided invasion of Iraq. Instead of destroying Islamic extremists, pre-emptive wars often breed them.” That has nothing to do with fact, he is just (as I am here) writing about his opinion. thank God it is not all America’s opinion.
    Bill Reese

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