Somalia Journal, Day Sixteen: Back on the Air


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Eight dead. Ten tortured. Scores arrested. More than 50 fled. Mogadishu’s independent media workers comprise a long list of chilling statistics. A government crackdown, launched in early November and apparently energized by Mogadishu’s firebrand mayr Mohamed Omar Habeeb, has devastated media ranks. Three independent radio stations bore the brunt of the assault. A month after the three stations were gagged by government troops, Habeeb has allowed them back on the air — but with tight restrictions, apparently. So while scores of radio workers will return to work, they’ll do so with the Somali government looking carefully over their shoulders. The irony? Media was more free under the hardline Islamic Courts regime than they are under the supposedly democratic transitional government.

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  1. b real says:

    no irony there. mayor/gov dhere was on the cia payroll last year as one of somalia’s hated ARPCT warlords — the primary factor behind the rise & appeal of the courts — who now, thanks to the proxy invasion of somalia — in violation of international law but apparently okay since it was largely arranged & provided for by the united states — is back, along w/ other warlords. and roadblocks. and rapists. and…

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