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War Is Boring #27

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P-3s Grounded: “This Is Serious.”

The Navy has grounded around a third of its decades-old P-3 patrol plane fleet due to fatigue. The news comes on the heels of a near-fatal F-15 disintegration that led to the Air Force grounding all 400 of its early-model F-15 fighters. An industry insider has all the shocking details about the weary P-3s in a WIB exclusive: What happened [...]


Warships: Navy and Marines Take the Lead, Part Four

A Navy that has largely disappeared from American popular culture is … a problem, according to a columnist for one of the service’s professional journals. Twenty-two years ago, the blockbuster film Top Gun, directed by Tony Scott and starring Tom Cruise as a bad-boy Navy F-14 pilot, motivated tens of thousands of teenagers to join the [...]

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Warships: Navy and Marines Take the Lead, Part Three

With ever-increasing commitments across the globe, a plan to boost the fleet by more than 10 percent and growing prominence inside the Pentagon, the U.S. Navy is arguably more strategically relevant today than at any time since the end of the Cold War. In addition to playing a vital fire-support and logistics function in the [...]


Burundi Has Landed

“The first batch of 100 Burundian peacekeepers arrived on Sunday after months of delay caused by lack of equipment,” AFP reports. The small central African country has pledged to deploy a total of 1,700 soldiers to Somalia to join some 1,600 Ugandan soldiers based in Mogadishu. The AU pledged in September 2006 to send 8,000 [...]

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Goodbye Basra, Day Five: Screamin’ Privates

The Brits are in a rush to get the Hell out of Basra. But they’re not going anywhere until the Iraqi Army is ready to fully take over. Hence the importance the British military places on its so-called “monitoring, mentoring and training” role. Of the roughly 4,500 British troops still in Iraq, around 1,000 are trainers, including the [...]

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Goodbye Basra, Day Four: Sounds of Retreat

  Or “redeployment,” depending on who you ask. Check out my DIY audio report on the staged British departure from southern Iraq, including some sweet clips of a mortar attack (that I rode out in my armored bunk bed). Related: Goodbye Basra, Day Three: Sand Castles Goodbye Basra, Day Two: Big Bad Rides Goodbye Basra, Day [...]

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War Is Boring #26

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Goodbye Basra, Day Three: Sand Castles

With new British Prime Minister Gordon Brown promising a 30-percent cut to the 5,000-strong British force in southern Iraq by spring 2008, a lot of units currently based at Basra Air Station are eyeing an early departure. But not the Joint Helicopter Force. “We’ve drawn down as far as we’re going to,” Wing Commander Ian [...]


Goodbye Basra, Day Two: Big Bad Rides

It was just a five-minute flight by Merlin chopper from Basra air station to the training base at Shaiba. Waiting for us at the landing zone were three of the biggest, baddest trucks I’ve ever seen. These “Mastiffs” – derivates of the U.S. Cougar Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protect armored truck – featured foot-thick bolt-on side armor plus [...]


The Washington Times: Iraqis Back in Control in Basra

BASRA, Iraq — Britain yesterday turned over responsibility for security to Iraqi forces in Basra, concluding its principal mission in the last of four provinces that were placed under British command after the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. A reduced British force of fewer than 5,000 soldiers — soon to be cut to 3,500 — will [...]


World Politics Review: Brits Pull Out of Basra

BASRA, Iraq — British forces signed a memorandum on Sunday formally surrendering their lead role in providing security for Iraq’s most economically important province. Oil-rich Basra, home to Iraq’s only two seaports, is the last of four formerly British-occupied provinces to return to Iraqi control. “It’s in your hands now,” Iraqi National Security Advisor Mowaffak [...]