Danger Room: Somalia’s Mystery Weapons


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Mystery_weapons_discovered_by_ami_3The Ethiopian invasion of Somalia — aimed at suppressing extremists – didn’t actually calm things down here.  Instead, there’s been more fighting — and tactics that come straight of the jihadist playbook.  Recently, there have been suicide bombings and improvised explosives – both new to Mogadishu.  And these mysterious weapons, confiscated by African Union peacekeepers. Best I can tell, they’re Hezbollah-style Katyusha rockets, a relative rarity in this corner of the world, if my reading is correct. It’s a worrying omen for a country that’s already had its share of problems.

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  1. 111 says:

    Hit me up later by e-mail. I have some more information on this past the recent messages I sent days ago as to the location of where the rockets are being shipped from. We now know where they were to be sent too, Saudi Arabia.

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