Robot Race: Carnegie Mellon Takes the Prize


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[Carnegie Mellon] Tartan Racing’s “Boss” of Pittsburgh, Penn., turned in the top performance in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Urban Challenge and won the $2 million cash prize as the competition’s first-place winner, DARPA announced today. Stanford Racing’s “Junior” of Stanford, Calif., won the $1 million second place prize, while Victor Tango’s “Odin” (pictured) of Blacksburg, Va., received $500,000 for finishing third. …

“The 2004 event was equivalent to the Wright brothers flight at Kitty Hawk, where their airplane didn’t fly very far but showed that flight was possible,” DARPA Director Dr. Tony Tether explained. As with progress for airplanes after Kitty Hawk, the 2005 Grand Challenge had four autonomous vehicles that successfully completed a 132-mile desert route in southern Nevada under the required 10-hour limit, and DARPA awarded a $2 million prize to “Stanley” from Stanford University. Dr. Tether added, “I believe that the significant progress after 2004 was due to the fact that the community now believed that it could be done.


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