Where Old Planes Go to Die


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Some old planes just keep going. Others, weary from over-use or made irrelevant by a changing world, are laid to rest in a sprawling desert graveyard in Arizona. Blogger Geoff Edwards points the Googlesats at the site here.


6 Responses to “Where Old Planes Go to Die”

  1. Mark says:


    You remember visiting this site in 1994, don’t you?

  2. David Axe says:

    Hi, Dad.

    Yeah, I recall. Ah, the ’90s. What a time.

  3. Foreign.Boy says:

    It’s still sad to see all those F14′s sitting there.

  4. Jay says:

    Cool. I’ve heard of a sea of rusting tanks out at Ft. Hood, too. Anyone know the coordinates?

  5. Geoff says:

    There’s also a tank storage facility at Sierra Army Depot, but I couldn’t find it on the map.

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