War Is Boring #17: Mistaken Identity


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East Timor is a riot


3 Responses to “War Is Boring #17: Mistaken Identity”

  1. Anne Holmes says:

    Hey David, this one is brilliant. Thanks for the much needed humor. I’m loving Afghanistan and already lamenting my imminent return to Bangkok. Thinking of settling here perhaps….such good humored people despite the dire situation. Too bad we couldn’t cross paths here. Maybe next time.



  2. Dave Narby says:

    Ah hah hah hah haa haaa!

  3. Mike Harbour says:

    Ah, the joys of trade mags! I was the associate editor at a trade pub myself, and none of my family or friends understood it; if it ain’t on the newsstand, it don’t exist! Unless, of course, you’re in the business served by said magazine.

    Mike Harbour

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