The Luckiest Woman in San Diego


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Around midnight on Thursday a 200-ton naval ship engine slid off a tractor trailer on Harbor Drive in San Diego, crushing two cars and breaking a water main as it punched a 10-foot-deep crater in the road. A woman sleeping in the back seat of one car was slightly hurt. The engine was bound for NASSCO shipyard, which is building 14 700-foot T-AKE logistics ships for the U.S. Navy. (More on that later.)

The woman reportedly had gotten sleepy while waiting for her husband to finish his shift at the shipyard and decided to snooze in the back seat. That saved her life, says NASSCO spokesman Karl Johnson, because the front of her car was flattened when the engine toppled from its trailer.

NASSCO employs more than 4,000 people and builds tanker ships in addition to the T-AKEs.


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  1. [...] Jul 30th, 2007 by Fred I meant to post about this earlier, but with the “con” and all, I have just been too busy. Anyhow, luck is a fickle thing and I would be happier being lucky than good any day. I am sure this woman feels quite the sam way. [...]

  2. WOW that car got messed up. This is just down from my house.

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