Vice Readers Are Meanies


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Check out some of the brutal comments on my Timor comic at the Vice Magazine website:

“Smart answers aside this is fucking bollocks really, i mean my fucking dog could do better. Give it up fella, go get a fucking microsoft qualifcation or something, they like need computer engineers and shit.”

“this is crap and not what is happening in timor this sux”

“this is unbelievably shit, and it is ripping off joe sacco, but he is terrible anyway. comic journalism? i mean, christ. its world affairs for “graphic novel” readers. (eg. smug adult nerds, who, thanks to google and wikipedia, seem to know everything except how to touch a woman.)”

And my favorite:

“why print a boring depressing poorly drawn comic about some atrocity. I want and demand escapism. Next month print a happy story about a rabbit and his many woodland friends, Peter the porcupine, Susan the sparrow, and Benji the beaver. Make them do acid or open a pizza parlour. NOW THATS ENTERTAINMENT…”


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  1. Matt Bors says:

    hehe. ahhhh, the anonymity of the internet.

    What valuable dialouge it brings forth.

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