Brits Slam “Tactical Pharmacology”


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Five years ago Russian Special Forces used a sedative gas to end a standoff at a theater in Moscow, killing 50 Chechen terrorists … and 90 hostages. Now the British Medical Association has released its latest assessment of “drugs as weapons.”

“Not surprisingly, their assessment is highly unfavorable,” says Danger Room pal Bugs ‘n’ Gas Girl.

One of the BMA’s concerns is that “widespread but responsible deployment of drugs as weapons would inevitably result in their reaching the hands of state or non-state actors for whom lethality among those targeted is not of concern. This would simply be chemical warfare with a medical label.”

Read more at BGG’s excellent blog.


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  1. 111 says:

    i covered this yesterday anonymously. in infested areas north . announce on loudspeaker for childreen women and peacefull unarmed males to exit . surround city of interest. watch windcurrents. make sure us troops have gasmasks rechecks . drop gas. go in and disarm and capture insurgents. then go in and cam out areas fortified if they try to refortify after we leave with detainees and weapons cache seizures. 111

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