Mil Flack on Iranian Weapons


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Top Iraq spokesman Major General William Caldwell has more on these alleged Iranian weapons. For weeks, U.S. officials have claimed they had hard evidence of Iranian shaped-charge warheads being used in attacks on U.S. and Iraqi troops and civilians.

“There is physical evidence of Iranian munitions, especially being provided to extremist groups in Iraq,” Caldwell says, adding that these are likely coming from official sources.

“If these were random black-market activities, we’d expect to find these Iranian munitions around Iraq. What we find is that Shia extremist groups are in fact the ones we find in possession of the weapons.”

And it’s not just shaped-charge weapons coming out of Iran, Caldwell claims.

He says U.S. forces, after attacks, are finding tail fins from 81-mm mortar rounds. Caldwell says only Iran manufactures that type of weapon. “It’s unique because the tail fin does not screw off.”

Caldwell stopped short of accusing the Iranian government of directly supporting extremist groups in Iraq. He did, however, point out Iraqi cleric Moqtada Al Sadr’s trip to Iran in recent weeks. Some reporters have speculated that Al Sadr has “fled” Iraq. But even Caldwell admits that Al Sadr, like many southern Iraqis, has family in Iran. So Al Sadr’s presence in Iran might mean nothing.

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  1. BWJones says:

    There is also the supposed evidence of Steyr .50cal sniper rifles that were originally sold to Iran under the pretext of drug control that have apparently appeared in Iraq.

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